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KLS Consulting Engineers

Partnerships that last

KLS CONSULTING ENGINEERS is an energetic, young spirited engineering consultancy.

The company was established in 2004 when founding directors Hannes Kotze and Gerrit Steyn joined their civil and structural expertise. Together, they have more than 70 years’ experience in the construction industry.

In 2015 this expertise was further increased by the addition of an Electrical Engineering division, introducing Henk van der Merwe to the team.

Working in Africa

Many KLS employees have covered pretty much all of Africa, South of the Sahara. Why? It is a privilege being able to service any developer with such unique needs.
Via vision of daring developers. Through support from our families. By utilizing local material/skills. Partnering with local professionals (technical partners). By guts and determination.

Plenty! Travelling, food, accommodation, companions, local “systems”, Africa Time etc.

Each project has its own challenges - that is life. Each project has its funny memories – that is a privilege. Each project has many hours of travelling, especially if in foreign territory, and more so if there is a connecting flight involved - it teaches you patience.

Each foreign project takes you out of your comfort zone, having to travel, sleep & eat outside your normal patterns – it broadens life’s horizon. On each project you rub shoulders with known entities, and usually one meets new individuals as well; from the employer, the local authorities, the local KLS Technical Partners.

You also have to deal with local contractors, sub-contractors, specialist consultants & tenants. Rubbing shoulders with these people, is called a blessing because it enriches your own life!

Progress Delivered

KLS CONSULTING ENGINEERS is a unique engineering consultancy with a hands-on approach by the directors from the initial planning, throughout the construction phase up to completion of our projects.

We pride ourselves in the optimization of engineering solutions and not retreating to older methods. We continuously investigate alternatives and more cost-effective products and solutions. Our technical teams are based in Cape Town and Pretoria, giving us a well spread footprint in South Africa.

We use advanced technology and software making us very mobile to service any part of the country or the African continent. Our project involvement is as far north as Nigeria. The KLS team has completed projects in most of the countries south of the equator.

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